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Our Moon Garden: A Spring Update!

We are excited to share a Spring update on our Moon Garden with Head Gardener, Lou Matthews. Check out the video below for all the details! 🌝🦇

Everything is Flourishing!

Our Moon Garden is thriving, and we have some wonderful new additions, including new signage that explains how the Moon Garden works.

Spotlight on New Additions:

  • White Borage: This gorgeous plant, with its stunning white flowers, not only attracts pollinators but also reflects the moonlight, adding a magical glow to our garden.

  • Selene Noctiflora, Nicotiana Grandiflora Alba, Night-Scented Stocks, and Night-Scented Flocks: These plants are specifically chosen for their night-time fragrance and beauty, making evening visits to the garden truly enchanting.

  • Winter and Summer Flowering Honeysuckle: These varieties ensure that our garden remains vibrant and aromatic throughout the year.

Welcoming Pollinators:

We've already spotted a few pollinators visiting our Moon Garden, which is fantastic news for our ecosystem and for visitors who come to enjoy the Garden's beauty.

Exciting Climbers:

  • Cobea Scandens Alba (Cup and Saucer Vine): This climber, which can be pollinated by bats in other countries, is currently small and being nurtured in our polytunnel. We can't wait to plant it out and watch it grow into a magnificent addition to our garden.

  • Hebes: These hardy, evergreen shrubs will add structure and year-round interest to our garden.

Stay tuned for more updates and watch our Moon Garden continue to bloom and evolve!

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