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Safe Spaces Project

The Safe Spaces Project is a collaboration between University of Bristol, Redcatch Community Garden and members of the local community.  


Naomi Warne (researcher), Jenny Clarke (art therapist) and Lucy Condon (patient and public involvement and engagement facilitator) worked with the local community to explore what makes a safe and welcoming space to support mental health and wellbeing.  

The research team used art and nature activities to start conversations with two groups; one of 11 adults and one of 13 young people. Over the course of four co-design workshops we supported each of the groups to design recommendations on how to create a safe space. The groups also incorporated views from the wider community – from one-to-one conversations and written suggestions collected by the research team.  


The Safe Space Guides are recommendations for community organisations on how to create a safe space to support wellbeing and mental health. These guidelines aim to foster inclusive, respectful, and welcoming environments for all community members. 


For the adult group, the guidelines are in a booklet and the cover shows all the key points as leaves on a tree.

To view or download the adult Safe Space Guide, please click here.


For the young people’s group the guidelines are presented as a zine, and the key points are also shown in an animation.

To view or download the young people’s guidelines please click here.

For more information, please contact: 

· Naomi ( about the research 

· Heather ( and Jayne ( about Redcatch Community Garden or using the guidelines

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