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Join Our Community

Support RCG Today

Becoming an RCG Supporter means making a lasting impact in our community. Your donations directly aid our vital work, supporting the 250 volunteer hours a week that go into sessions with neurodiverse and SEND children, addressing food insecurities through our weekly Community Lunch and food bank donations, and contributing to our mental health and wellbeing groups. By joining us as a supporter, you are making a huge difference to the wellbeing and growth of individuals in our community; fostering inclusivity and community resilience and supporting sustainable growing and habitat creation.

You can support:

  • School Educational visits

  • Community Lunch and food bank meals to aid Cost of Living Crisis

  • Art Therapy sessions for neurodiverse children, people with dementia and their carers

  • Green Social Prescribing gardening for wellbeing

  • Maintaining a beautiful, welcoming community space

  • Sustainable growing and habitat creation

  • Community social events

  • The future of RCG

You can make a regular monthly / annual donation or a one-off donation via the CAF donation platform below.


We thank you for your support and hope to see you at the Garden soon!

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