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Humble Beginnings: Our Moon Garden

Welcome to the beginning of our Moon Garden journey! To begin with, we've planted Evening Primrose, Winter-Flowering Honeysuckle and Summer Flowering Honeysuckle. Next, we'll introduce Night-Scented Stocks, Bladder and White Campions: all of which will attract night-time pollinators.

A Moon Garden is named as such because most of the flowers and foliage included within them are white or silvery, which shine under the moonlight. Beyond their visual appeal, these plants emit enchanting scents at night, enticing moths and potentially bats that feed on moths or aid in pollination.

We also have a wonderful new Green Man sculpture, a symbol of seasonal renewal and ecological awareness. Crafted by our skilled volunteer carpenter, Babs, he'll watch over the Moon Garden, ensuring its continual bloom. Stay tuned for transformations!

In the upcoming months, we'll sow more seeds, allowing you to witness the captivating journey from seed to bloom. Follow us along on this exciting adventure!

Watch Lou, our lovely Head Gardener, talking about the Moon Garden's humble beginnings...

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