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Our aims for the project


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Blooming Gardens: Planting vibrant pollinator-friendly veggies, herbs, and plants. 


Park Paradise: Creating 8,300m2 of new pollinator habitats in and around Redcatch Park. 


Raising the Beds: Installing raised beds for everyone to enjoy in the Park. 


Signs of Nature: Adding informative signs to the beautiful borders of Redcatch Park. 


Sensory Oasis: Cultivating a 500m2 sensory garden within Redcatch Community Garden, perfect for all to explore. 


Pond Life: Introducing a wildlife pond to RCG, a hub of natural wonders. 


Accessible Gardens: Building raised beds for easy access in our sensory garden. 


Living Wall: Creating a living wall in the Garden, enhancing our green spaces. 


Schooling Nature: Planting 50m2 of pollinator-friendly areas in local schools, fostering learning and creating a buzz for little ones!


Connecting our Young Community: Welcoming partner schools for enriching visits across 39 weeks. 


Sharing the Green: Providing free plants and materials to our partner schools. 


Community Buzz: Distributing Pollinator Kits to empower local communities. 


Learn and Grow: Hosting engaging Pollinator Tutorial Sessions for all to attend. 


Friendly Competition: Organising Pollinator Competitions for our local community, making learning fun. 


Garden Gatherings: Weekly Gardening for Pollination Sessions at RCG, bringing the community together to get stuck into this important project. 


Growing Together: Offering training sessions for staff and volunteers to create thriving pollinator habitats. 


Planting Wisdom: Incorporating signage with QR codes linking to expert tips on pollinator-friendly planting at Redcatch Community Garden!

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