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RCG Pollinators


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We are delighted to announce that we have received funding from the WECA Community Pollinator Fund to increase pollinator habitats and spread the word about how important they are to biodiversity and sustainability.


We will be working with our partner schools, Knowle Park & Hillcrest, to provide weekly outdoor learning sessions for 120 children to learn about nature, pollinators and the environment.


We will be running Green Social Prescribing sessions for adults and their carers to enjoy inclusive gardening supported by our wellbeing team.


Alongside increasing pollinator habitats in the Community Garden, we have secured funding to work with Friends of Redcatch Park to increase biodiversity in the wider Redcatch Park.


On top of this, we will be working in surrounding community areas and school playgrounds and visiting local schools to inspire the next generation of wildlife-lovers.


Here you can find information on sessions, workshops, talks and ways you can 'bee' involved! 🐝

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Of the 200,000 species of animals that act as pollinators, about 1,000 are hummingbirds, bats, and small mammals.

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WECA Community Pollinator Fund Spring Roundup

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WECA Autumn Newsletters

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