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Knowle Park Primary vs. Andy Goldsworthy

Monday and Tuesday this week saw year 5 students from Knowle Park Primary School take on the task of creating artwork inspired by Andy Goldsworthy. Andy is a British painter, sculptor and photographer who goes into natural spaces and creates his pieces out of the materials found onsite.

One group's work alongside a reference image

Students, in teams of four, picked from a range of natural materials, including some acquired from the Garden itself. Materials included a mixture of pine cones, shells, leaves, dry foliage, rocks and some coloured pasta for good measure. They then went about discussing their designs, using the materials and some Goldsworthy images for inspiration. In their groups they created, adapted and problem-solved to a very high standard.

We were so impressed with the final designs - all different, all having taken inspiration from distinct and beautiful elements of nature. To finish, the students then went around observing their peers' work. We then asked each group to give a positive comment about another groups' art, as well as something they were proud of in their own work.

A big thank you year 5 for your amazing and inspiring work - definitely Golds-worthy!

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