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Social Prescribing Day - Our Green Offering

Thursday (14th March) marked Social Prescribing Day! This is an annual celebration of the people, organisations, and communities who make social prescribing happen. So what is Social Prescribing?

Sometimes called a community referral, social prescribing is a way to link individuals with non-clinical activities within their community to help improve their health and wellbeing.

For those of you who work with green social prescribing, it's a great opportunity to shout about the brilliant work that you do, as well as highlight the impact of social prescribing and raise awareness of what it is. What makes it 'Green'?

Here at Redcatch Community Garden, we are a test and learn site for Green Social Prescribing, an initiative which aims to help those with mild to moderate anxiety and depression regain a sense of health, wellbeing and community. The 'Green' part is the Garden itself - any activities in nature count!

Here at RCG, we run two weekly groups which target these areas. These are our Gardening for Pollinators and Wellbeing in the Garden groups. Attendees can be referred by their GP or can self-refer. Participants not only learn practical gardening skills but also develop their self-confidence through meaningful engagement with nature and community. Watch our lovely staff and volunteers talking about our GSP offering and its benefits in the video below!

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