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One Big Step for Step and Stone!

As part of our WECA Community Pollinator Funded Project, we offer Gardening for Pollinators every Tuesday. This is a group open to anyone in the community aged 16 and over and offers the opportunity to learn about our pollinator-friendly gardening practices alongside contributing to our efforts to increase pollinator friendly habitats in the Garden.

This group has given us a fantastic opportunity to take our partnership with the incredible Step and Stone to the next level. We have been providing 1:1 supported work experience to one of their trainees this past year so that they can go on to gain paid employment with the skills they have developed with us. And now, with Gardening for Pollinators, we have been able to offer a block of 4 gardening sessions to a group of 8 new trainees and their support workers this Spring.

These trainees have since transitioned to setting up tables, chairs and cutlery for our Community Lunch events. This hands-on experience not only benefits them but also provides crucial support to our Community Lunch team, who have a tight 30-minute window to prepare for lunch after our morning Art in the Garden Group!

At Redcatch Community Garden, everything we do is for the community and by the community. We are so grateful to the WECA Community Pollinator Fund and Step and Stone for enabling us to deepen our impact and reach more of the community 💚

If you would like to donate towards projects like this, please go to:

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