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February in the Garden

During the last month we have made the most of the dry weather and have spent most of our time completing the back flower/fruit border alongside the tennis courts. Paths have been laid,periodically breaking up the long border into smaller, manageable sections which will in turn make our lives easier when trying to access and maintain the flower beds. A beautiful Olive tree that was donated to the garden has been planted bringing a taste of the Mediterranean to the garden, along with Agapanthus to bring a splash of colour alongside it during the summer. The Bean Poles are up and in place ready for all those lovely climbing beans later in the year.

As we move into mid-February and gain more hours of daylight, our focus is turning to the polytunnels. It's a good time to clean them down to make sure that as much light as possible can get in, ready for all those seeds that will soon be exciting time for gardeners!

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