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Babs' Bug Babies!

A delightful new addition awaits visitors at RCG: stunning pollinator sculptures, each a testament to creativity and sustainability. Crafted by one of our immensely talented volunteers, Babs, each sculpture is made from reused/recycled materials and one even has homegrown loofahs for wings!

Busy bee!
Can you see which materials have been used?

Babs' journey into creating recycled material bugs began with a simple desire to reduce waste and give new life to discarded items. The results speak for themselves - Babs' creativity knows no bounds!

Beyond their good looks, these pollinator sculptures serve as ambassadors for environmental conservation. They encourage us to pause and reflect on our relationship with the planet and the actions we can take to protect it.

As you wander through the Garden, be sure to look out for these fantastic pollinator sculptures whilst remembering the vital role pollinators play in our ecosystem and the importance of preserving their habitats for generations to come!

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