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Pesticide Workshop

Last weekend we held an informative workshop with The Natural History Consortium, bringing growers together to share tips on chemical pesticide alternatives and wildlife-friendly gardening, with tips and a tour from our very own Head Gardener Lou Matthews!

In this friendly and interactive session, we shared advice on a range of things including companion planting in an allotment and how to encourage natural insect predators. The workshop was for all growers, no matter where they were on their journey to sustainable gardening.

One participant said:

It was great to hear tips from other gardeners as well as the NHC about companion planting for pesticide reduction, and incredibly powerful to hear about the insect decline in the last 20 years. Lou was great at sharing real life examples of pesticide reduction as she showed us around the beautiful Garden.

Look for more talks as part of our Pollinators project 💚

The Garden looking beautiful in the Autumn sun

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