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June in Bloom!

The Garden is really beginning to burst with colour with all this wonderful sunshine we have been having 🌞

The overwintered veg is ready for harvesting, such as the broad beans, and the spinach, beetroot and chard are almost ready for harvesting.

Yesterday we harvested the garlic! Available for purchase from our lovely shop.

All the cut flowers are coming along nicely, especially the Sweet Peas with their gorgeous scent wafting around the market garden. It makes the kitchen staff very happy as they are directly outside!

Sweet Peas doing their thing!

The strawberry patch is looking fabulous and bearing some super yummy fruits 🍓😋

Parsnips and carrots are peeking through...its all happening ready for an abundant summer ahead 🌱

Superstar Head Gardener, Lou, showing off her skills!

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