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5 Star Bug Hotels

Updated: Jan 25

Last week the Garden was buzzing with excitement as we had the pleasure of hosting some children from Knowle Park Primary for a fabulous session - making bug hotels into a Bug Mansion!

Children gathered, armed with foliage from the Garden, recycled materials and an eagerness to contribute to the ecosystem. The bug hotel project aims not only to beautify the Garden but also to create a sustainable environment for various insects.

Over the past few weeks we have hosted many classes from Knowle Park to contribute to the project, and on Thursday we were able to make their work into a Mansion fit for a Queen!

The young builders had a variety of natural materials to choose from, encouraging them to unleash their creativity. Reused tubes from Kemp Carpets, old Christmas trees, pinecones and even salvaged bricks were transformed into intricate structures.

The children also incorporated foraged elements from the Garden like hay, teasels, leaves and sticks, providing both aesthetic appeal and functional benefits for the resident insects. Each tube was then placed into volunteer carpenter Babs' wonderful outer housing, stacked high like a Jenga tower: the results were fantastic!

Beyond their looks, bug hotels play a crucial role in supporting local biodiversity. By providing shelter and nesting spaces, the children contributed to the wellbeing of pollinators and other essential members of the ecosystem. Our bug hotel is a symbol of the community's commitment to creating a sustainable and wildlife-friendly environment.

Babs assembling the tower!
Big smiles from Babs and Katy!

Our Pollinator Project has not only brought joy to the children but has also sparked interest and engagement within the community. In our last bug hotel session we had support from Sirona Occupational Therapists, who praised the Project and expressed their eagerness in continuing similar initiatives in the future.

Sirona Occupational Therapists with the children's handiwork!

In the heart of our community, a little corner of the Garden now stands as a testament to the creativity and compassion of our youngest members.

The bug hotel serves as a reminder that even the smallest hands can make a big impact on the world around us! Come and take a look when you next visit and see which bugs you can spot! 👁️🔍🐌🐞🐜🕷️🐛

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