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Volunteers' Week 1-7 June: Meet Babs

Babs joined the Garden after the first polytunnel went up, before there was a café. She started with planting seedlings and potting on, before moving on to construction. The beautiful gates by the composting area and cabin are Babs' work, as are the stunning flowers made out of retired lights donated by the police and adorned with other items recycled from people's homes - see if you can see the toothbrushes!

Babs enjoys volunteering at RCG because it appeals to both her practical and creative side - spot the beautiful rope barrier we use for school groups and events, and the gardening tools embedded in the Canopy balustrade as examples of her work.

Babs sees RCG as a great community resource and as a little touch of magic and I think we can all agree that it is the volunteers through their creativity and belief in the project that help to make it so. Thank you to all of you and Happy Volunteers' Week 2021!

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