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The Year Marches On!

March is the month that sees the spring bulbs really taking off and bringing a cheer to the garden that is needed at this time of year. We have been busy up-cycling surplus materials we have in the garden making new staging for our seedlings in the polytunnel and putting in a new support structure for our hops to grow.

The Hot Box (our 'off the grid' heated propagator) has been filled up again with a fresh supply of horse manure. This will give off heat for a couple of months for all the seedlings that require extra heat to germinate (these include aubergines, chillies, and loofahs).

We have been busy sowing lots of veg and flower seeds and the polytunnels are gradually filling up, bringing new signs of life with each day that goes by.

Outside, the recent spells of sunshine have helped the broad beans and garlic that were sown in November grow larger by the day. We have planted out early potatoes and have been continuing to harvest spring greens for events in the garden. For now, it's all about the sowing, planting, and preparation for the season ahead.

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