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Plain Wassailing!

What a day for a Wassail! Yesterday saw our second annual Wassail at RCG hosted alongside the wonderful Heartwood Chorus. After a grey start to the day, even the sun poked his head out. We had a brilliant turnout: around 50 people of all ages with their pots and pans at the ready!

The day started with the lovely Neil, director of Heartwood Chorus, leading a singing workshop to teach attendees the special Wassail song. It was a professional affair with groups split up into their respective singing ranges ready for action!

Then came the ceremony: a Wassail is a special celebration traditionally held on the Twelfth Night, where participants gather around the oldest apple tree and engage in rituals to promote a good harvest of apples that year.

To begin, we stood around the tree and Lou invited two little helpers to hang cider-dipped toast on its branches to ward off any interfering energy, helping to invoke the good. Lou then recited the blessing and poured cider around the roots of the tree to ensure we have a good harvest! Attendees erupted in cheers, banging their pots and pans as loudly and enthusiastically as possible! We then sang the Wassail song that we had just learnt.

After this, we had a procession around the garden, singing the Wassail song at the top of our lungs and banging the pots and pans, eventually congregating outside Roots Café to sing some more. Attendees then drank mulled cider/apple juice and basked in the energy of the afternoon.

Wassailers enjoying mulled cider and apple!

We have since had lots of feedback from both attendees and park regulars saying how lovely it was to commune and to hear the wonderful singing. A fabulous day overall and one we will remember for years to come! Thank you to all those who attended and made the day so special.

Pure joy!

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