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April sunshine and showers

April is a busy month indeed and a time to celebrate all the new growth, tree blossom, and colourful spring bulbs appearing everywhere, the garden has been looking very pretty.

So far we have been sowing lots of seeds including lettuces, peas, leeks, achocha, lots of different herbs and annual summer flowers, and there are still plenty more to be sown this month. We have planted out beetroot and calabrese seedlings, planted maincrop potatoes, and direct sown broad beans and rainbow chard.

With every day that goes by the polytunnel is fast filling up with newly germinated seedlings and now we need to get busy pricking out and potting on. The cabbages were harvested and used by the kitchen team to make more sauerkraut (which we are very much looking forward to!). The supports are up for the wonderful scented Sweet Peas which have now been planted out - we eagerly await these climbing up and giving off their beautiful scent around the garden.

PS Brazilian Giant Achocha us related to the cucumber in case you were wondering 😀

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